“EGG” Expands


Even though no new episodes will be produced past the current season, the production unit behind PBS’s "EGG": The Arts Show is going strong. Not only has the show recently picked up a 2002 Peabody Award (the third for the production unit, which also received Peabodies in 1997 for "City Arts" and in 2000 for… Read more »

The Triangle


Located in the heart of North Carolina, the Triangle is an area defined by the cities at its three points (Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh) and the universities within it (the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State). Each point of the Triangle is about half an hour away from the… Read more »

News: Short List Turns Ten


The Short List, the Emmy award-winning television series showcasing short films from around the world, celebrated the premiere of its tenth season on November 3. Produced by Jack Ofield, San Diego State University’s filmmaker in residence, and veteran writer/producer Helen-Maria Erawan, this season boasts forty-three shorts—ranging from documentary to fiction to animation—from sixteen countries, all… Read more »

Road Test: New Mini-DV Cameras


Every year when the new consumer camcorders hit the market, a few of them are designed not only for home movies, but also for the independent filmmaker. This year we tried out two of these cameras by putting them in the hands of three filmmakers, each of whom represents a different type of filmmaker the… Read more »



Two new cameras, both due out in the spring of 2000, will undoubtedly raise the bar in the ongoing debate between the merits of film’s superior image quality and video’s cost-effective convenience. A new Super 16 camera, the A-Minima, due for release by French camera manufacturer Aaton, combines the lightweight portability of the camcorder with… Read more »

Point of No Return: On-line Film Festivals, Showcases & Distributors


The Bit Screen Launched: July 1998 Plug-ins required: RealPlayer Audience (per month): 100,000 page views, download totals unavailable. Contact: Druid Media, Box 343, Narberth, PA 19072; (610) 664-6945; info@druidmedia .com "It’s really not about distributing films over the Internet," says Bit Screen creator Nora Barry. "To me, it’s a completely new art form." On-line… Read more »

5 for the Future


For all of CPB’s lofty intentions, the ultimate shape of public television in the digital age will be fashioned by those who actually ply the trade – the artists and producers. Here is a short list of five CPB-funded projects that provides a peek at the kind of work that’s headed our way. Local News… Read more »

Site Seeing

By Set up to counter cable companies’ self-appointed role as future gatekeepers of the Internet, is an information, educational, and lobbying site which takes the public access battle into the on-line arena. The site’s goal is to keep broadband networks accessible in order to maintain competition and diversity in the Internet access market. The… Read more »

CPB’s Digital Game Plan


Provided we all make it through Y2K safely, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has another milestone in mind "2K3" denoting the final, April 2003 deadline for all of the nation’s 1600 television stations to be broadcasting in digital. Among those stations making the mighty analog-to-digital conversion are some 350 public television stations, which hope to… Read more »



Winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for his hugely entertaining documentary American Movie doesn’t seem to have changed Chris Smith–or his reputation as a Very Nice Guy From the Midwest. Case in point: Smith’s FedEx package to this Milwaukee-bound interviewer includes a hand-drawn map on an index card marking "Lake Michigan" (complete with squiggly… Read more »