AT THEATERS NEAR YOU: IFC Productions’ Slate


John Sayles’ Men with Guns IFC’s credit: "A presentation of the Independent Film Channel and the Anarchists Convention." Prior relationship: "We’d shown a lot of John’s movies over time," says Sehring. "And I love to tell the story that I first spotted my wife when I was in conversation with John 15 years ago at… Read more »

Off the Beaten Track: the Blair Witch Project


We’re kind of a garage band of filmmaking," says Dan Myrick of his collaborators, an Orlando, Florida-based film collective called Haxan Films. Low-fi and revved up with basement tape ingenuity, Haxan cranked it to eleven in their debut film as a group, a thoroughly spooky mock-documentary-cum-horror film called The Blair Witch Project. The film premiered… Read more »



As the world of independent media evolves, some things remain the same. One is the importance of public television as an outlet for independent work. This article presents a sampling of the acquisition series–those that buy completed work–at both the national and local affiliate level. Even at its highest, the pay scale on public TV… Read more »