Site Seeing

By, an online world of news, film, art, music and literature from nine countries, was the first website to broadcast the audio of documentary films in their entirety using RealAudio. This website, begun in 1996, is a must-see for anyone interested in independent documentary filmmaking. The U.S. page features a ton of links. There… Read more »

Viva la Revolucion DV!


The Celebration (1998), 105 min., color Director: Thomas Vinterberg [] Original Format: Mini DV (PAL) Transferred to: 35mm Synopsis: The story of a family celebration which explores the explosions that occur when family tensions reach critical mass. Camera used: Sony PC 7 (palm-sized mini DV camera; predecessor to the PC10 and PC1). Sound: Mixed to… Read more »

AT THEATERS NEAR YOU: IFC Productions’ Slate


John Sayles’ Men with Guns IFC’s credit: "A presentation of the Independent Film Channel and the Anarchists Convention." Prior relationship: "We’d shown a lot of John’s movies over time," says Sehring. "And I love to tell the story that I first spotted my wife when I was in conversation with John 15 years ago at… Read more »

Off the Beaten Track: the Blair Witch Project


We’re kind of a garage band of filmmaking," says Dan Myrick of his collaborators, an Orlando, Florida-based film collective called Haxan Films. Low-fi and revved up with basement tape ingenuity, Haxan cranked it to eleven in their debut film as a group, a thoroughly spooky mock-documentary-cum-horror film called The Blair Witch Project. The film premiered… Read more »



As the world of independent media evolves, some things remain the same. One is the importance of public television as an outlet for independent work. This article presents a sampling of the acquisition series–those that buy completed work–at both the national and local affiliate level. Even at its highest, the pay scale on public TV… Read more »