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Michele Meek, PhD is a writer, filmmaker, educator, and founder of She is a board member of Independent Media Publications and publisher of The Independent. For more information or to contact her, visit

Articles Written by Michele Meek:

Tribeca 2010: Melanie Schiele on "Delilah, Before"

After working in various capacities as writer, director, producer and cinematographer on over 20 student shorts as part of New York University’s Tisch Asia in Singapore, Filmmaker Melanie Schiele makes her directorial debut with the short Delilah, Before. The film captures a turning point in the lives of three generations of women as a young… Read more »

Tribeca 2010: Mary Robertson on "Missed Connections"

Have you ever felt your eyes lock with someone across a crowded subway, only to wish later that you had ripped through the crowd to get some digits? You’re not the only one. Director Mary Robertson’s short film Missed Connections documents a few of the loves lost and found on Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” classifieds. With… Read more »

Tribeca 2010: Michael Creagh on "The Crush"

As an “ad man by day,” filmmaker Michael Creagh had been “tinkering with ideas and scripts” for several years before acting on his dream. His debut film The Crush tells the story of an eight-year-old boy (played deftly by Creagh’s son) in love with his teacher. When the boy’s gift of a toy ring is… Read more »

Best of the Shorts: Tribeca 2010

At the movies, I want to laugh out loud, clutch my armrest in terror, weep uncontrollably, and be amazed. I’ll admit my standards are high and past Tribeca Film Festivals have been serious enablers of my lofty expectations. So I suppose it was inevitable that one year I would be a tad disappointed by their… Read more »

ITVS: Has This Key Funding Partner Lost its Way?

In 2007, filmmaker Joanna Rudnick learned that her application for funding from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) had been accepted. Rudnick, a first-time director, had applied for ITVS funding to finance the completion of her documentary In the Family, a look at women who are aware they carry a genetic predisposition to breast or ovarian… Read more »

5 Contract Tips for Filmmakers

1. Get professional help. Always have a recommended entertainment lawyer review any contract (broadcasting, funding, licensing) before signing. If you can’t bring a lawyer, bring an advocate to negotiation meetings. Having an experienced producer on your side during a negotiation is the next best thing to having a lawyer with you (and in some cases… Read more »

10 Terms From ITVS Standard Contract Revealed

At The Independent’s request, ITVS agreed to publish its standard contract details for the first time. Some of the terms are fixed across all projects. For example, because the ITVS mandate is for each film to air on public television, the contract prioritizes those broadcasts ahead of community screenings or film festivals. Anything that could… Read more »

The Transformation of Television

Joost, Hulu and boxee – one thing is for sure, names like the American Broadcasting Company (aka ABC) are a thing of the past. Instead, the future of broadcasting is filled with silly-named companies that aim to overthrow your idea of television. I must disclose my bias – this past summer my husband and I… Read more »

Getting it Covered: Video the Vote

Between polls, pundits, and analysts, predictions of the upcoming presidential election seem endless, with many agreeing this could be yet another tight race where, in certain states, every vote will count. And if you think that’s just a cliché, think of this: in 2004, George W. Bush won by taking Ohio with 118,601 votes, or… Read more »