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The Wild Immersion: What is The Role of VR in Saving Wildlife?


Ready for an unforgettable ride? Fasten your VR headset as Courtney Gardner shares her first experience with VR in The Wild Immersion at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film’s director, Adrien Moisson, takes the journey too, sharing with Courtney his views about the potential for  VR technology to create new forms of compassion and empathy—in this case around the needs of large animals around the world.

Meet the Director: Alice Waddington


Courtney Gardner, who attended this year’s Sundance Film Festival (January 23—February 3) shares insights abut Paradise Hills, the feature debut of 28-year-old, Spanish director Alice Waddington. Bringing her love of science fiction and fantasy to the screen, Alice tells a story of women traditionally underrepresented in film.  Alice spoke with Courtney about the identities she holds close, the barriers she sees and has faced in the film industry, and of the symbolism in Paradise Hills

Chinese Producer Rachel Song Discusses Sundance Success


Farrah Kazemi speaks with Rachel Song, who in 2017 started the production company XS Media. The company stood behind two hits at the 2018 Sundance Festival—Silas Howard’s A Kid Like Jake and Christine Choe’s Nancy. Rachel shares about her experiences producing independent films and about her efforts to bring independent cinema to China.