Author: Maddy Kadish

Maddy Kadish is a writer and producer. In addition to The Independent, she has contributed articles to MovieMaker Magazine, IndieWire, and No Film School, profiling festivals, filmmakers, and new technologies. She has worked as a consultant for the Boston Jewish Film Festival and Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival. Maddy spent 10 years as a film, video, and multimedia producer in NYC, Boston, and London, specializing in educational media. She currently works at PBS Education in Washington DC as a content development manager, helping PBS filmmakers bring their work to classrooms across the US. She holds a B.S. from Cornell and an Ed.M. from Harvard. She can be reached at

Articles Written by Maddy Kadish:

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014: Jay Bushman

Known for the web series phenomenon, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and its spin-off, Welcome to Sanditon, Jay Bushman lands on our 10 to Watch list this year. What you may not know is that, in 2014, Bushman has some new tricks up his sleeve, including a project called #hamlet, a multiplatform web series that radically… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014

Our 10 to Watch filmmakers are always a unique group. This year, especially, their individual films stand out for high quality and each person exemplifies strength in a particular field within independent storytelling. They are redefining the form, offering new twists on familiar forms, and are always using their work to reaffirm our love of… Read more »

Tribeca 2014: Interactive’s Audience Now Has an Audience

Part of the mission of Tribeca Film Festival is to “redefine the film festival experience.” Nothing does this more than the ever expanding Innovation Week at Tribeca. Innovation Week, the umbrella title that unites the various and diverse explorations of interaction, transmedia, and innovation, ran towards the end of the festival from April 21–26. It… Read more »

10 to Watch 2014 Criteria and Nominating Jury

The Independent‘s 10 to Watch is launching again for its 6th year. This annual series highlights talented filmmakers, producers, programmers, etc., whose work challenges, inspires, and who we think will rock it in the coming year. Nominations are open from February 13th – 28th, so get thinking. Send us the names of your colleagues, friends,… Read more »

Sundance 2014: I Want You… to Be the New Frontier

Park City, UTAH — For its 8th year in the 30-year-old Sundance Film Festival, the New Frontier section continued to unabashedly embrace change. As the industry adopts new digital formats, online distribution, and technology, New Frontier identifies and cultivates filmmakers working in these new areas and, also, teaches audiences how best to appreciate their emerging… Read more »

Sundance 2014: The Independent’s Top 10 Moments for Women

Park City, UTAH — Sundance inspires—it is full of creative and passionate people. This year the amount of outstanding and exciting work by female filmmakers brought a distinctly different tone to the festival, certainly more representational, and even more cutting edge than in past years. Special recognition was not on their agenda; it was their… Read more »

Sundance 2014: Sorrow and Beauty in Doc Shorts Program II

Park City, UTAH — At Sundance 2014, the three shorts in Documentary Shorts Program II used different devices to exhibit sorrow and beauty. All three films show the humanity, flaws, and hope that lives in all of us. These types of films are the reason that I come to Sundance. The first short was I… Read more »

TFI Transmedia Case Study: "Hollow"

The film industry, like the rest of the media world, is trending towards digital, mobile, and online. Change is coming in the form of interactive storytelling and transmedia and Tribeca Film Institute wants in. “We want to not only respond to changes in the industry, but to also shape the change so that good work… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013

This year’s 10 to Watch represents filmmakers who we think are on to something in 2013. The Independent’s 10 to Watch list draws from narratives and documentaries, seasoned and newcomers, shorts and features, Sundance and SXSW favorites, and other parts of the film community. What distinguishes these filmmakers is that each one brings a unique… Read more »

Tribeca 2013: Story First at TFI Interactive

TFI Interactive (TFII), an all day conference about technology and film, was held on April 20th in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival. Now in its second year, TFII explored interactive film, transmedia, and social media, among other topics, through brief and lively panels and presentations. Each speaker held the floor for about 10-15 minutes…. Read more »