Director Thomas Ikimi on the set of Nostradamus. . Photo by Stefon Cromartie.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Thomas Ikimi


Having lived on three continents, Thomas Ikimi brings an international perspective to his films. His latest is the short thriller Nostradamus, which revolves around drone warfare and premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, and coincidentally was chosen as one of the best films of the fest by our senior critic, Kurt Brokaw.

Hasan Minhaj in Sakoon.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Hasan Minhaj


Comedian and storyteller, Hasan Minhaj, may be best known as one of the newest correspondents for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but it was his work merging stand-up with storytelling that brought him to our attention. You can read about his latest project, a solo show, Sakoon, and its film adaption, Paint the Town, in 10 to Watch.

An illustration, by artist Rebecca Mullen, from the documentary, The Story of the Stuff. Illustration courtesy of Rebecca Mullen.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Ashley Maynor and Paul Harrill


What happens to the tangible outpourings of grief and support – such as letters and teddy bears – that pour in during the aftermath of a tragedy like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut? Director Ashley Maynor and producer Paul Harrill follow the trail of condolence items in their interactive documentary, The Story of the Stuff.

Tangerine, shot and co-produced by Radium Cheung. Courtesy Sundance Institute.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Radium Cheung


Using cameras on mobile phones with some clever adaptations, cinematographer Radium Cheung brought his vast experience and unique sensibilities to Tangerine, the story of a transgendered prostitute in Los Angeles. The result is an eye-popping yet humanistic look at a hard world.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Claudia Myers


Director Claudia Myers takes on the story of a female army medic and mother in her powerful dramatic feature Fort Bliss, starring Michelle Monaghan. Writer Catherine Epstein delves into the challenges Myers faced in bringing such a complex narrative to the screen.

Extra: Finding Your Flock…er, Your Tribe


Back in 2011, 10-to-Watch-2013 producer Katie Tibaldi was working on the TV series Are We There Yet when she met 10-to-Watch-2015 Mike Luciano. Starring Terry Crews in the Ice Cube role, the TV series filmed an amazing ninety episodes in one year in Stamford, Connecticut. The sheer number of episodes and the daily commute from… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Katie Cokinos


Katie Cokinos returns to Austin, the scene of her ad-hoc film school in the red hot ’90s, for the world premiere of her directorial debut, I Dream Too Much, which puts her on our 10 to Watch for 2015. The Independent’s Steven Abrams caught up with her at SXSW to talk about the transition from script to screen and how in film, too, directors must kill their darlings.