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Brandy Alexander is one of the public defenders featured in "Gideon's Army." Photo by Dawn Porter.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013: Dawn Porter


The odds may be long, but it is possible to see your first film be accepted by Sundance, win a Sundance award, and be bought by HBO. All you need is talent, passion, drive, determination, discipline, great collaborators, support, luck, perspective, intelligence and a killer idea at the perfect time. Do you have all that?… Read more »

10 to Watch Chiemi Karasawa and her "hurricane" of a doc subject, Elaine Stritch.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013: Chiemi Karasawa


Acclaimed producer, CEO, and now first time director with a Tribeca premiere for her documentary, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me – that’s why Chiemi Karasawa is one of our 10 to Watch in 2013. As founder and CEO of Isotope Films, Chiemi Karasawa has produced award-winning documentaries, including Betrayal and Billy the Kid and the 2013… Read more »

We're turning up the volume on 10 Filmmakers to Watch. Photo by Gudlyf.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013


This year’s 10 to Watch represents filmmakers who we think are on to something in 2013. The Independent’s 10 to Watch list draws from narratives and documentaries, seasoned and newcomers, shorts and features, Sundance and SXSW favorites, and other parts of the film community. What distinguishes these filmmakers is that each one brings a unique… Read more »

This is what Intrepid Cinema's filmmaking looks like!

Personal Take on 10 to Watch filmmaker Mike Day


Director Mike Day, 10 to Watch in 2012, is the one-man turbine behind Intrepid Cinema’s documentaries. Here, Intrepid’s composer and on-location sound designer Nathaniel Mann tells The Independent about their friendship and working relationship: “Mike and I first connected in 2008 at a performance by my avant-folk outfit Dead Rat Orchestra (DRO) at London’s Cafe… Read more »

A still from Losing Ferguson, a film by one of the Independent's 10 to Watch in 2012, Trisha Gum.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012


It’s another year, and time to announce 10 filmmakers we at The Independent think you should keep your eye on. It’s a varied group, to be sure, but each filmmaker has a few key things in common: talent, drive, and the desire to innovate. The complete 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012 list is below,… Read more »

An image from "When the Mountains Tremble," a film by Pamela Yates, one of our 10 to Watch. Photo by Jean-Marie Simon © 2011.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2011


It’s time for our annual 10 Filmmakers to Watch list. We’ve pooled our resources and brainpower to get the scoop on who’s who this year. This list brings together filmmakers of all backgrounds and media, including animation, shorts, Web series, narrative features and documentaries. Some of the names are already familiar to our site, while… Read more »

A still from Short Term 12, a film by Destin Daniel Cretton, one of The Independent's 10 filmmakers to Watch.

Facebook Exclusive Content for 10 to Watch


Editor’s Note: This collaborative reporting effort was led by Nikki Chase, Maddy Kadish and Beth Brosnan. Be sure to check out our exclusive daily content on Facebook. We’ll also have daily updates right here, so you can keep track of the list, and a final feature story with background on all 10 filmmakers on May… Read more »

An image from Dash Shaw's Slobs and Nags.

10 to Watch in 2010… Plus Five Runners-Up


Choosing The Independent’s 10 to Watch is like trying to predict the future, or the stock market, or the weather in New England. The films on this list are in all stages of production and the filmmakers range from seasoned professionals to debut artists. So you might wonder how we named this particular group. How,… Read more »

From Bronx Princess, directed and produced by Musa Syeed, one of The Independent's 10 filmmakers to Watch in 2010.

Facebook Exclusive Interviews with 10 to Watch in 2010


Editor’s Note: This collaborative reporting effort was led by Nikki Chase with help from Maddy Kadish and The Independent’s associate editor, Cristina Sousa. BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION Ok, we grant you the fact that announcing 10 filmmakers to watch in 10 days sounds strikingly familiar to our recent fundraising campaign. Truth is, it worked! And… Read more »